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A new kind of collaboration between media artists, musicians, museums and cultural organisations and children, in order to produce light and soundinstallation in public spaces. 
A 20 feet CSC proved container containing a media installation has been travelling between Greenland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, along the sea-road since the beginning of 2016.

The container is equipped with media, sound and projection equipment, enabling us to project images from the container onto the existing environment in public space; rocks, ice and architecture. In combination with sound and music, we will create adventure projections in the dark, inspired by  “The Spirit of Place” – in the light of the Nordic, Greenlandic roots & history.

Nordic and Greenlandic artist are invited to work together with children, who will gain both artistically and socially from the project. The artistic material will be taking on from place to place, from Qaanaq to Norway, from Iceland to Tasiilaq, in a great exchange, telling about the actual venue and the venues visited. Seeking for common denominators and contradictions.

Important part of the project are creative workshops for children and young people who are participating in the light and sound installation with their own work. 
ANERSAAQ – spirit of place, will in this way have both a cultural and social approach. 
The project will presents the installation in the public each place approximately 10 days. Finally presenting “the great energy of the Nordic remote” in Berlin and in Aarhus Culture Capital and in Berlin 2017/18.

TURA YA MOYA, the initiator:
 The media installations created by the Art group Tura Ya Moya (DK / D / GL) are internationally well known. Working on unique sites; caves, mountainsides, silos, historical castles or the modern architecture of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, Tura Ya Moya transform into rare multi-artistic light and sound pieces.  TURA YA MOYA

Between 2010/12 TURA YA MOYA has toured in Greenland and Iceland (Reykjavik) intensively working with children. With the installation projects NIPI & QAAMASOQ SAGA, along with the Pilot project WINTERLIGHT.
On behalf of these successfully projects, this unique collaborative project  – with a number of local museums as partners – between Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany started up in Bodø Norway Januar 2016.

We cordially invite sponsors to be a part of the continuation of this unique project, that will bring art and light to even smaller settlements in the north. Sponsors will be mentioned (name and logo) on our press material & www, on the container (logo) and in the installation itself (light projection).
 Also we will provide all sponsors with a number of photos from the project for free use.